The company KIWA sk, s.r.o. has updated the ePLAN database of KIWA's own surge protectors, which will facilitate the work of designers in the design, creation and implementation of electrical installations and low voltage switchboards up to 1000V.
Prepäťové ochrany

Currently, 158 surge protectors are available in the ePLAN database portal, which can be searched by manufacturer name (KIWA) or selected by device in the catalog (Electrotechnics / Protective Equipment / General). To download technical product information, software macros, electrical wiring diagrams, 2D models in .dwg format or 3D models (.step), log in to the ePLAN data portal ( or visit the web page of KIWA surge protector manufacturer in the Designers section.

The technical information of the products contains except the specification of the overvoltage protection according to the standard ČSN EN 61643-11 ed2 also a descriptive field for automatic filling of bill of material in Czech or English. Newly added KIWA categories include:

1.) Surge protectors for administrative and industrial buildings for lightning protection levels LPL I, LPL II:

a.) POm I LCF 25kA/pole in monoblock design (into unmeasured part RE),
b.) PO I LCF 25kA/pole in exchangeable design of protection modules,
c.) POm I 25kA/pole narrow version 1TE/pole, in case of lack of space in switchboards (eg during reconstructions),

2.) Photovoltaic surge protection types 1 and 2 for DC circuits:

100V DC, 200V DC, 300V DC, 600V DC, 800V DC, 1000V DC and 1500V DC,

3.) Surge protectors for LED luminaires for public lighting, which meet the degree of protection IP67: PO I LED 230V/12.5kA, alternatively PO II LED 230V/30kA with the possibility of placing into the base of the pillar on the Fulnek terminals block on the DIN rail TS035, TE Connectivity EKM “Guro” or ROSA.