Protection of data inputs for LAN Ethernet 100BaseT site devices in lightning protection zone LPZ 1 (inside buildings). The full protective effects are only achieved with correct earthing of the overvoltage protection. The DME100T protection modules are connected between the equipment to be protected (workstation, server, HUB,…)and the unprotected network. Due to their small size, they can be fitted directly onto the protected equipment. The advantage of such installation is that there is no need to install a connection of earthing wire as this function is provided by the frame of the protected equipment.


is SPD module for protection of the computer network 100BaseT. It protects 2 pairs of wires. It is equipped with two RJ45 connectors, which are interchangeable – each connector can act as input or output. The unprotected output of LAN shall be connected with a patch cable to one connector of the module, and the second connector is connected with cable to the input of the protected device.


is a surge protector designed for DIN rail mounting. The potential PE is connected via the DIN rail holder which is connected to the PE.

Fine one-stage protection. The protection effect provides the circuit combining suppressor diodes and avalanche diodes. It also provides protection against symmetrical and asymmetrical overvoltage surges (between individual wires / wires and the earth).

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