For protection of mains and appliances where no risk of a direct (lightning) hit to a building or supply network is present – LOW THREAT OF INSTALLATION. Used for objects with lightning protection level LPL IV – family houses without air- termination conductor, network supply by earth cable, situated inside dense build-up area objects and halls inside dense build up areas with high rise buildings.

Decreases overvoltage and restricts overvoltage wave energy Installation: into the main distributor

Usage as the 1st level ( T1, coarse protection) in a 3-level overvoltage protection concept

Provides overvoltage protection for appliances placed in the main distributor in the range (coarse, medium and fine protection)

High diverting cable ability provided by power varistors MOV Version: basic part + plug-in protective modules
Protective modules rotable with respect to the base through 180° Optical and remote signalization of operation state Multifunctional terminals for conductors and bus bars

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