For protection of mains and appliances in industrial buildings, administration buildings, buildings of civil amenities, detached houses against the effects of overvoltage wave caused by a close or indirect lightning hit
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  • It decreases overvoltage and restricts overvoltage wave energy
  • Installation: into the main distributor
  • Usage as the 1st level T1 of overvoltage protection
  • It provides overvoltage protection for appliances installed in the
    main distributor in the range of T1, T2 , T3 (coarse, medium and fine
  • High diverting capability provided by power varistors MOV
    and lightning arrester
  • Zero residual current (LCF version)
  • Zero follow current
  • Optical and remote signalisation of operation state
  • Multifunctional terminals for conductors
  • Possibility of monoblock connection by bus bars